Length: 70mm (2.75”)
Width: (wide end): 18mm (0.7”)
Width: (narrow end): 16mm

Make your template out of cardboard or paper. A good general size to start for a medium size ring is about 70mm long with 18mm wide end and 16mm narrow end. You would want the wrap (where the one end of metal wraps over the other end)
be around 10-15mm). The width is completely up to your preference. My bigger rings are 20mm wide, just make sure the ring won’t go over your knuckle to keep it comfortable to wear. For a larger size, 75mm will usually work. You can always test your paper template by wrapping it around the ring mandrel and see what you prefer. Please note that wrap rings are generally worn a size or larger than your regular ring size. The good thing about this design is that the ring is easy to size.



Draw your template onto copper with a marker. Cut your piece evenly with the snips on a straight line holding the snips perpendicular to the metal. Try to make an even and continuous cut line. It will make it much easier to sand when you don’t have uneven edges. If you are not used to cutting copper consider taping your major fingers (standard first aid fabric tape works great). Copper is sharp and it can nick your fingers. Patience is a virtue with this task. See video Ring-Cutting 



Cut small pieces of silver wire and place them on copper on a fireproof surface (charcoal block is recommended). The pieces should be about 2-5mm long. Square or half round wire works best because the pieces won’t roll off the copper as easily as round wire.

Position the silver pieces near the wide end because that will end up as the front of your ring.