Use a Reflector

A reflector can help bounce soft light onto your subject and fill in shadows. Reflectors are usually fairly cheap and come in various colors such as white, silver, and gold. Try this set by Neewer:


Use a Business Card

Use a white card in front of your built-in flash on your camera to help bounce the light towards the ceiling or wall which then softly reflects onto your subject. Looking to level up your flash diffuser? Try this inexpensive addition to your external flash by Altura Photo: 


Coffee Cup Lens Hood

A lens hood helps keep out excessive light or unusual lens flairs from your lens especially when using outdoors on bright days. Cut off the bottom of a coffee cup and then gently tape in place, leaving the top of the cup just slightly extended beyond the edge of your lens. This can come in handy if you're on the go and lost your original lens hood. Looking for a replacement? Try this one:


Use Sunglasses

Shooting through tinted sunglasses can give you various creative techniques in camera instead of depending on post editing. This can provide a cool effect for both portraits and landscapes. Have a love for filters? Try these by Hoya:


LED bulbs

Using colored lights can add dramatic effects to your portraits. Try these:



Photography is essentially painting with light. You can drastically change the mood or feeling of a photo by controlling the amount and direction of your available light. Looking to get started with some studio lighting? Try this basic set from Emart: